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At first, I didn’t notice the warning signs. Grandma Brown would call confused and panicked, worried about if someone was breaking in her house . Or I would find a chicken in the oven without seasoning or still in plastic. Soon I drove to her house to prepare all her meals, which became a daily commitment for two years. But as Grandma had wisely forecast, I did have my own family – a husband, 4 toddlers, and I was a business owner. Something had to give. It was time for grandma to move in.


So, we packed her up, rented a truck, and on moving day, grandma was angry and combative with no recollection of the plan. We called off the move and waited for a day when she was more herself.


I had no idea how to take care of my grandma. The grandma I knew and loved had become a different person. She wandered off so often that 24/7 care was required. Eventually her doctor recommended that we find a 24-hour care facility.


Have you ever tried to find a care facility that is worthy of someone you love? 


Finding a clean, pleasant-smelling facility that serves high-quality food, with caregivers who actually care, is a daunting task. And when you factor in affordability, well, there just aren’t a lot of options. 


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So, I founded Margaret’s Place. Because serving the underserved matters. Because there is dignity in aging. Because every life should be well-lived. Because we all have a loved one who deserves better. Because caregivers need care, too.


And because I promised my Grandma Brown that I would take care of her. My grandmother taught me that promises are never to be broken. Keeping my promise has sparked a need to change the way the Senior, Disabled and Veteran care industry is viewed so that we can be excited about aging gracefully. My Grandma Brown passed away 6 months before Margaret’s Place opened our doors. However, her legacy will live on via the changes we pioneer to improve the adult day care industry. And that’s a promise.


-Patricia McCreary, President & Founder of Margaret’s Place KC.


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My grandma, Margaret Brown, loved me so much. But I’m sure I loved her more. All of my best childhood memories are about time spent with Grandma Brown.


One summer when I was 9 or 10 years old, I remember sitting on her back porch, learning how to “pick and clean” fresh greens from the neighborhood garden. As we were sorting through the greens with a bucket and a hose, I proclaimed, “Grandma Brown, when you get to be a little old lady, I’m going to take care of you.”

She smiled and told me that one day I will have my own family to take care of and I won't be thinking about her. I replied, “I promise I will take care of you”. I never forgot that promise and in 2009 I had to make good on that promise and move my grandmother in with me. 

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